They’re gone!… not really

pakistanische frauen kennenlernen So, last week I decided I was going to start up the blog again.
Here it is, a week later and I’ve read that a short time ago all of the GA tickets (Passes) have sold out. That’s not exactly true. You see, there are LOTS of scalpers and Craigslist resellers out there, as well as other sites like and so on, that have or will have EDC passes listed. You can still get them.

Check Out Your URL What you should be worried about is Airfare, getting flights to/from Vegas, and a place to stay. RIGHT NOW is the best time to start booking your trip, if you haven’t already.

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wikipedia reference Are you a seasoned traveler? Don’t worry, in my next few blogs I’ll be talking about getting the cheapest flight, or planning a Cross-country road trip.

more tips here If it’s your first time, check out previous blog articles describing previous adventures and the lessons learned.

find out Welcome to EDC Las Vegas 2015 everyone! and for those of you returning, welcome BACK!