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Read Full Article In this EDC Blog I am bringing EDC to the masses from a Non-raver perspective.
Many people have questions about EDC and I noticed there were no resources for giving them answers. Solid, truthful answers which they can rely on to have the best experience they can when they decide to attend an EDC event.

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try this website Who I am: Aaron Sarver
Quality Analyst turned blogger.
My background stems from a love of Quality Assurance. I used to be a QA Analyst for a PC Game company some years ago. Since then I’ve always wanted to continue my personal interest in assuring Quality at some level. A couple years ago the girlfriend and I talked about starting our own business, and growing it from there. The business would be about Quality Analysis and Process Improvement at many levels; Grass Roots to Large Corporations. To give our opinions and analyses purpose and notoriety, we started blogs. This one included. We decided that the best way to be heard was to throw our voice out into the world, and let all who would listen take part in our thoughts and ideas.

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continue reading this Our goal is 3 fold with the blogs we write. 1). Helping people and informing them to increase their enjoyment of what ever subject we’re speaking on. 2). Expert Analysis and observation to retain a level of Quality in a business that the business wants to maintain. (Process Improvement), and 3). We wanted to create a small business that would allow us to travel and learn, and share experiences with the rest of the world.
We travel from time to time and found that a blog would be a great avenue to accomplish at least 2 of the 3 things listed above. We also blog on Quality of Life and will have sub-sections of our blog(s) devoted to that.
Most things we focus on tend to be fun or informative or both, however, we also have corporate interests in mind when writing from the QA perspective. If you read our blogs over time you’ll see that we will approach various topics from one or two, or all three of these perspectives.

image source I’m not a Raver, but I do enjoy EDC very much. In 2015 I will make a pilgrimage to each EDC in the United States. Soon after that other parts of the world.
I’m an analyst by nature. I can’t look at something without instantly analyzing it’s faults and how to improve it. Usually it’s a process that can be improved in some way. Nothing is perfect, however improving it helps everyone.
Throughout my life I have noticed that I have a tendency to see things that others simply miss or can not observe. I’ve seen shady dealings going down under the table, I’ve seen people going home with girls or guys they ought not to be. I can’t NOT observe and analyze everything. It’s taken years of self-training to learn to ignore things I probably shouldn’t be seeing anyway.
It’s a curse and a burden, but also what powers my ability to observe and analyze things that could be improved upon or fixed. I also have 15 years of Maintenance experience, so I can fix nearly anything.
With this blog I intend to travel more, providing tricks, tips, and updates to things that I blog about. Sometimes those things are interconnected or one affects the other.
Aside from the travel and the blogging, we will also be using this blog as an avenue for companies and businesses to see what we’re about and recognize what we do so as to gain a contract with them and help them maintain the quality they want and expect to provide.
I can be contacted via personal email at: or Please feel free to email me with inquiries about the page or business opportunities.

try this site The front page picture is not mine and belongs to Insomniac (the hosts of EDC events) and is used via Google Images.